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 "As a boutique land surveying company, we are able to create site plans for proposed construction and offer expediting services to submit plans for a building permit.  Please let us know how we may serve you further!" 


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Google Reviews

Kay's Signs ★★★★★ 

October 2018

The team did an excellent job.  They were timely and professional  I would recommend them.

T. Dang:  ★★★★★ 

October 2018

They are great! I checked with a couple of survey companies but they made me comfortable and fully explained everything. Highly recommend.

R. Stowe.  ★★★★★ 

November 2018

Prompt and professional service for our construction staking project. We would recommend them to friends.

C. Davis ★★★★★ 

December 2018

Great response and turn around. I would totally work with them again in the future. 

Tamera R.


Gail and her team were attentive and professional from beginning to end. Their rate was competitive and their response time was much better than any other company we called. They even came out earlier than expected. Gail was also accommodating when I realized I had given her some incorrect information -- she corrected the information on the survey and turned it back around within hours, on the weekend! I would highly recommend Survey Systems and will definitely use them again if needed. 

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Beth D.



It isn't often that you feel compelled to write a positive survey about a company you didn't actually do business with, but I was so impressed with Gail's forthrightness that I thought I would share my experience. I called Survey Systems to get a quote to have 4+ acres surveyed before purchasing. Gail was able to assess the site from her resources in-office and advise me on several issues with the property that made it undesirable for our use. She could have charged me a significant amount of money to do a costly survey that would have yielded the same information but freely shared her professional opinion, instead. She saved me from making an expensive mistake and is at the top of my list for any future survey work!

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Best Surveyor    

I don't know where to start! This is an exceptional company. The staff consists of true "subject matter experts" who are also people experts. They support their clients and provide a high quality service in a timely manner. I sincerely appreciated the support and expertise shared by June, Gail, and Mike. Gail and June remained supportive and worked with me to problem solve over the course of my "project." And Mike was a godsend during a follow-up visit. The team is extremely professional, courteous, responsive, and fair. I would highly recommend this team for your survey needs.

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Survey Systems prepared a survey for me in 1993 when I purchased my home. My husband and I want to build a garage, but through the years, I had misplaced my old survey and Title Insurance Policy. Miracles of all miracles, I was able to track down my Title Insurance policy, which referenced my survey. The survey company, Survey Systems must be a strong and able company, because they survived through these many years, and the Great Recession, and they remain strong today in 2016! And, not only have they survived, but as top notch professionals, they maintained all of their work, surveys, and files. Within only a few hours, they were able to email me a very clean copy of the original survey of 1993. Thank you, Survey Systems!

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Use our contact form to tell us more about your project, and we will connect you with the services to fit your needs. 

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